Talking Offerings Chapter 1

Hello out there,

Welcome to the first episode of Talking Offerings! Talking Offerings is a deeper insight into the story Dark Offerings that I publish every week.

If you don’t currently read the story feel free to use this link and read it! It’s free.

Chapter 1.

The first chapter is always a hard one for writers and this one was that way for me. I rewrote it probably four times. I don’t mean I edited it four times, I mean I completely re-wrote it.

If you didn’t know, my first attempt wasn’t even in the game. It was at Azerail’s school. Honestly, it was probably one of the most boring things that I’ve ever written.

It contained a huge information drop. I’m glad I wrote it though because it helped me organize what the story was going to be about.

Kos Play and I tend to talk a lot on discord and one night I ended up brainstorming with him about the story. It was late and about twenty minutes after our conversation I got an idea about how to reopen the story.

My second attempt was what you see today. Mostly. I spent probably two hours writing on my phone in bed attempting to get all of the information out of my head.

To be honest it felt like a moment of brilliance.

The huge difference is that Inethiel ended up leaving the game right away instead of continuing to play.

Three almost four chapters followed that story and while I liked what I wrote it wasn’t as interesting as keeping Azerail in the game.

Azerail ended up going to her mom’s birthday party in New York. They took a maglev train where she had a video conversation with Darryl. Then I did a nice description of a futuristic New York.

The best part about this rendition is I got to read it to Kos and he loved it.

The third chapter in the second attempt ended up being the next day when Azerail played again. I ended up merging that chapter with chapter 1 and that’s what you see today.

If it sounds confusing it’s because it was.

That’s it for today’s Talking Offerings. A bit of a warning. I may be writing a lot of these coming up so that I can catch up with the story.

As always, Enjoy!

Published by Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips is a Southern California native with a passion for writing and storytelling. She started writing seriously in 2019, after a personal scare the year before. In addition to her passion for writing, Katherine discovered her interest in AI-Driven Narrative Design and how it can be used to create unique and engaging narratives for AI-generated art and natural language models. Through her blog, Katherine shares her knowledge, experiences and creative processes in the field of writing and AI-Driven Narrative Design, with a focus on the latest techniques and technologies in the field of AI and machine learning.

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