Chapter 18 is out!

Hello out there,

Not only is the new chapter out, but it also has a new cover.

Here’s the chapter!

Some tell me she doesn’t look much like a zombie. Then I’ve had people say iZombie didn’t look like much of a zombie either. I could still make some tweaks, like, glossed-over eyes, a different hair color, or other injuries.

The new cover is at the top of the blog post! Please do let me know what your think of it.

Either way, I love how it looks and I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Published by Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips is a Southern California native with a passion for writing and storytelling. She started writing seriously in 2019, after a personal scare the year before. In addition to her passion for writing, Katherine discovered her interest in AI-Driven Narrative Design and how it can be used to create unique and engaging narratives for AI-generated art and natural language models. Through her blog, Katherine shares her knowledge, experiences and creative processes in the field of writing and AI-Driven Narrative Design, with a focus on the latest techniques and technologies in the field of AI and machine learning.

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