Dark Offerings Chapter 27 has been released

Hello out there,

Its out!

I know I haven’t been very talkative lately but there’s a reason for that. Last week I worked at a new short film festival called the 100 Fims Resort. It’s a quarterly festival that I help run.

I’m supposed to become the curator for this event eventually and am learning the ropes. I posted a small commercial for Dark Offerings at the festival which wasn’t all that successful because I didn’t read anything from my book. However, I also submitted the book cover for review as well and if I weren’t working for the festival it would have won best poster.

I’m a little behind on Chapter 28 but I plan on finishing that tonight. I hope you enjoy chapter 27 I really enjoyed writing it.


Published by Katherine Phillips

Katherine Phillips is a Southern California native with a passion for writing and storytelling. She started writing seriously in 2019, after a personal scare the year before. In addition to her passion for writing, Katherine discovered her interest in AI-Driven Narrative Design and how it can be used to create unique and engaging narratives for AI-generated art and natural language models. Through her blog, Katherine shares her knowledge, experiences and creative processes in the field of writing and AI-Driven Narrative Design, with a focus on the latest techniques and technologies in the field of AI and machine learning.

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